How redeemed points work? Can it be used instantly to purchase a product, or needs to be redeemed to a coupon first and use the coupon to get rewards?

Customers can redeem points in both ways:

1) Points can be converted to the Coupons: Admin can set the minimum points needed for customers to convert their points into coupons. For example, Admin has set the minimum requirement to 50 to generate a coupon. If any customer has 50 points only then he’ll be able to convert their points into a coupon.

2) Points can be used to purchase products: If a customer has some points, let’s say 100, and then he goes to any product page, if that product needs 120 points for purchasing, the customer will see a message “Need 20 more points to purchase this product”. If he collects 120 Points, he’ll be able to buy that product for free and 120 points will be deducted from his account.

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