I couldn’t locate where do I setup the points amount for products

You can assign points to the product in three ways.

1. Global Point Assign (Assign Points to all Product)

2. Per Category Point Assign ( Assign points to the different category )

3. Per Product Assign Points (Individually Assign Points )


1) For Global Point Assign, visit WooCommerce > Points and Rewards > Assign Product Points. Here you find “Global Assign Product Points”. Click on the checkbox to enable the setting and assign points to all products in one click.

2) For Category Point Assign, below the “Global Product Points” setting you will find an option to assign points per category.

3) For Per Product Point Assign, visit a particular product Edit page on which you want to assign points. Scroll down and you’ll see some tabs on the left side. Click on the “Points and Rewards” tab. Enable the “Enable Points per product” checkbox. Enter the points you want to offer for that product and click on Update. Now the Product points will be displayed on that Product Page.

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